April 12, 2013

AR Loving

As mentioned, I got my new AR yesterday.

Took it to the range today to get a feel for it.  Only took one box (20 rounds) of ammo, given the scarcity of .223 and the cold, blustery weather.  Mostly today was just to get a feel for things, where the trigger breaks (close and smooth!), how much kick (not munch!), balance (ideal once I extended the stock a bit), and weight (ZOMG it is *light* for an EBR!)

Groups were nice and close, with 5 shots within an inch and a half (at 50 yards... no scope on it yet and my eyes don't work to 100 yards without a scope... Myopia and astigmatism can kiss MY Polish ass).

But they were all low.  Like, 5 inches below point of aim.

Maybe I need to adjust the sights or maybe I'm using the A2 sights wrong.  The gun came from the dealer who assembled it to my local gun shop, where it sat for 6 months, until I got it.  Today was the first time it had seen ammo.

At any rate, I really like it.  I saved all my brass, and may consider getting into reloading... this thing is so much fun to shoot, I don't think I could afford the volumes of ammo I'd go through.

Can't wait to put it in the arms of the Missus.  She's gonna giggle like a school girl!

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Old NFO said...

Yep, she'll enjoy it! :-)