March 27, 2013

Wouldn't THAT Be Ironic?

In their zeal to overturn the DOMA, proponents of gay marriage* are arguing that a license of marriage in one state should be honored and given equal rights in the other states.

As a rule, these folks are also pretty liberal in their views.  Not always, of course... MattG is a supporter, as are a number of other "non-liberal" folks... but by and large it's not the "right wing conservative" that is pushing for a repeal of DOMA.

At any rate, wouldn't it be a hoot and a half if, in their efforts, they actually WON?  Because then one could easily argue "Well, then every state must recognize a Concealed Carry Permit from every other state" and we'd have Constitutional Carry without much effort at all.

* Full disclosure: I'm all in favor of same sex marriages being recognized as equal to heterosexual marriage.

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Matt G said...

I'm about equality.
And I've seen no reason to believe that a gay marriage is any worse on the face of it than a straight marriage.

But if one's main objection is to gay sex, my personal observation after 15 years of hetero wedlock is that one should be fervantly in favor of gay marriage.