March 19, 2013

What Happened to My Beloved Colorado?

First, they came for standard capacity magazines.  And it looks like Magpul is going to make good on their promise to pack up shop and leave.

Then there's this:

"Gun control bills still pending in the state Legislature include a ban on gun ownership by people accused of domestic-violence crimes..." 
Source here.

Got that? A mere accusation is all they need to justify taking away your rights.

Not a conviction. Just the allegation.

Tawana Brawley, please call your office.

I fear I may never move back to the state I love so much.

Vote every one of those bastards out of office.


Old NFO said...

Too late now... The deed is done.

Jeff B said...

Elect people who will repeal the bill.

Old NFO said...

JB, I don't know if that is possible anymore... Colorado has been Californicated...

Jeff B said...

I think it's *possible*, but it won't be easy. Colorado, like many other "purple" states, is pretty solidly blue in a few areas (in this case, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver) and a VERY deep red in most of the rest of the state.

The issue is that too many of those red voters are red in the wrong areas... the evangelical bible folks in Colorado Springs, for example... and if the Republican candidate isn't 100% totally against abortion and in favor of keeping the "icky gay people" from getting hitched, they don't stand a chance.

Thus, you get a lot of stay at home voters on one side, and the liberal candidate wins by default.

I'd also add that in the past decade and a half, "conservative" candidates have strayed away from being, well, conservative (time was that the GOP was quite aligned with libertarian values... that's when they were winning left and right.) Then they hitched their wagon to the uber-religious, and it all went to hell.

They'll need to reverse that to win. If they do, we'll see the liberals thrown out and stupid laws like these repealed. If they don't, we won't.