March 17, 2013

My First Indy 1500

Took a drive to Indy yesterday to take a look around at the Indy 1500 Gun Show.  I wasn't in the market for anything in particular, but one never knows when one might stumble upon a hidden deal or something that's just cool enough that you've got to buy it.  More than anything, I was tired of being in the house and needed to get out and do SOMETHING, so Missus JB and I saddled up and rode south.

Some random observations:

* Supplies of guns are plentiful, despite the bare shelves you may see at the local gun shop.  Tables and tables of everything you'd expect: AR-15s, shotguns, bolt action rifles, old MilSurp stuff, antiques/custom guns, and so forth.  The problem was the prices.  No, sir, I won't pay $1,300 for a basic Rock River AR, thanks... nor will I pay $600 for a Remington 870 Express.  Sorry.

* Ammo is the most expensive I've seen it in... ever.  Inquired about a box of bulk .22LR, and one vendor was willing to "make me a deal"... Only $100 for a box of 525 rounds.  *cough spit*  Yeah, I'll pass on that "deal", thanks.  Steel cased .223 ammo was going for almost $1/round.

* I was amazed at a couple of tables that had boxes and boxes of miscellaneous parts for guns I've never HEARD of, let alone know what the part is designed to do.  So much that I haven't learned.

* Some vendors must think that there are a lot of ill-informed shoppers out there, as I saw display after display of cheap crap at high prices.  Mostly in the knife selection.  For $45, I can buy your cheap plastic crap knife (in tacti-cool marpat cammo, even), or I could spend $50 online and buy a quality knife from a reputable manufacturer.

* People at gun shows are really polite.  The tables were pretty close to each other, making for narrow walking aisles, and therefore a lot of inadvertent bumping into other people.  To a person, everyone was saying "Excuse me, sir" or "Pardon me, ma'am."

* The Zombie thing is old hat.  Move on.

* Ostrich jerky sounds interesting.  Wish I'd have worked up the nerve to buy some.

* I still need something in .45 ACP.  If anyone knows someone selling a S&W 457, or a 1911 at a fair price, hit me up.

* Thr3e Wise Men brewing company in Broad Ripple has good food and beer, and fit the bill for an after-show bit of grub.


Old NFO said...

You're pretty much mirroring everybody else that's been to a show lately... sigh

TOTWTYTR said...

The problem is that too many people ARE willing to pay those stupid prices.

If we all just took a deep breath and realized that the gun world isn't coming to an end, prices and supply would normalize fairly quickly.

At the start of this hysteria I had a case of 900+ rounds of Tula steel cased .223. I bought it about three years ago, but my Bushmaster just won't cycle it. Actually neither Bushmaster upper will cycle it. I thought I was going to have to sell it at a loss and then the panic hit.

I put it up for just a bit more than I paid for it, figuring I'd come down when someone made me an offer near what I paid for it.

Silly me. 45 minutes after I posted it for sale, I had a cash offer for my asking price.

Oh, and the buyer thanked me for not gouging on the price.

My problem was solved and I had some money in my pocket.