February 9, 2013


From the local rag:

Kroger sued in fatal shooting

Synopsis: Scumbag criminal takes one person hostage, then grabs another hostage (a woman.)  Manager of store responds to the commotion, and ends up shooting the scumbag DRT.  The former hostage has decided to sue Kroger for mental anguish because she witnessed the now-deceased scumbag get what was coming to him.

This is a grab for money, plain and simple, and there's nothing else that can explain it.  She's not suing the family of the criminal, probably because they have no money to take.  But suing a massive grocery store chain... well, they have money.  And she's traumatized.  Or something.  But whatever, she deserves to get PAID.

Not for nothing, but the deceased's mother also sued Kroger for wrongful death.  Her complaint was that the employees of Kroger should not have had access to firearms, and if he hadn't violated that policy, her precious baby boy (who, no doubt, was a bastion of social morals, served meals at the soup kitchen on weekends, shoveled the sidewalks of the little old ladies in the neighborhood, and read the good book to blind orphans) wouldn't be worm-shit by now.

Nobody has yet pointed out that the deceased was in the process of COMMITTING SEVERAL CRIMES.

Disgusting.  All around.

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Old NFO said...

It's the 'new' America... Get all you can from whomever you can... sigh