February 1, 2013

A Bleg, Of Sorts

Missus JB wants to learn to shoot.

And I want her to meet and learn from others besides me.  I have my bad habits (I'm working on changing them, but they're hard habits to break.... doubly so when one's time at the range is only slightly greater than one's time at church.  And I haven't shaded the doors of a church in a good while.)

So I'm looking for personal recommendations for pistol instructors in the Central Indiana area.  We live about 45 minutes NE of Indy.  I prefer someone you've actually taken a class from, not second or third hand suggestions.  "I took a class from Joe Bob, and really liked his low-pressure environment and patience during the class" carries more weight with me than "My second cousin's wife's best friend works with a guy who went to a class at..."

I'm also open to PEOPLE who want to take a new female shooter to the range.  I'll pay for the ammo, and will kick in for a burger and a brew after shooting, or a bottle of wine, or whatever.  She needs to meet other female shooters, make new friends in the world of gunny-types, and we''d both like to get to know more folks in the area.

At any rate, shoot me an email if you know anyone that fits the above.



Old NFO said...

I'd say y'all need to go to the next Indy Blog meet... THAT would be an excellent starting point.

Jeff B said...

Love to... Holler if you hear about the next one. I always seem to read about them post hoc.

Old NFO said...

Will do JB.