January 10, 2013

New gun pr0n

That would be a Cobra Firearms Patriot 9s.

It's DAO, chambered in 9mm, holds 10+1, and is almost the exact same size as a Taurus PT 709 Slim.  Weight is about 18 ounces empty.

A bit long on the take-up, but the trigger breaks clean and crisp.

I haven't take it out for a ride yet... weather has been crap, and there are no indoor ranges within 50 miles of Chateau JB... but I certainly plan to do so soon.  Maybe Sunday?

At any rate, for the low low price of $200, I might just have a new concealed carry gun -- assuming the Indiana State Police ever get off their asses and send me my LTCH.

Will need a holster for it, though.  IWB, leather, and quality... I am happy to pay a premium price for premium work.  Any suggestions?


Old NFO said...

I'd talk to Dennis at Dragon Leather or Michael at the Holster Site, both make excellent holsters.

Dirk said...

You beat me to it, NFO. :) Haven't had personal experience with either, but every single blogger I read who has one (or more!) holsters from either of these gents is insanely happy with them.

TOTWTYTR said...

Mika holsters. He makes a nice IWB or pocket carry holster at a reasonable price.

Not much to look at, but they certainly do the job.

With a gun like yours you run a serious risk of the holster costing more than the firearm. ;)

Jeff B said...

Thanks, TOTWTYTR. I ordered a Mika holster this morning. You were right... reasonably priced. Will see how I like it when it arrives. If I hate it (*unlkely, but possible) at least I didn't spend a metric shit ton of cash.


Nate said...

Sounds like you've already sent off the money for a holster before I got here but I've been using a Crossbreed IWB with a KelTec PF9 for a couple years now. Perfect. Highly recommended.