January 14, 2013

Lace up your skates!

Past four days or so have seen temps high enough to melt all the snow (6 inches or so) in a day, followed by three steady days (well, nights) of pretty consistent rain.

The end result is standing water in the lower areas of the ground at Stately JB Manor.

Then yesterday, we had a drop of temps... from the 60s on Saturday to a balmy 16 this morning.

Those puddles of standing water?  They're solid ice now.

I vote we call off sick to work, grab the skates, pucks, and sticks, and start up a game of hockey.  Missus JB will ensure a steady supply of hot chocolate (with a little something extra added for, er, "warmth") and there's a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner after.

Y'all come.  Bring beer.


Old NFO said...

I csn't skate, but I can bring beer :-)

Jeff B said...

I can't skate, either. I look like a blind cow with epilepsy when I try.