January 8, 2013

Have You Tested Your Bug-Out-Bag?

No, I don't mean have you tested to see if all the shit you think you need will fit in it and still allow you to walk upright (though, if you haven't, I suggest you do.)

What I'm talking about is "Have you tested to see if you can survive a weekend using only the items in your 'Oh, shit, time to get out of Dodge' bag"?

Here's your challenge:  Have your bag setting in the normal place, with whatever supplies you normally keep in it.  Be suddenly alerted to the need to roll out, and spend two nights living with the contents of your bag and whatever you find at your site.  

Now, you've got two choices for the "suddenness" of the alert to bug out.

1.  You set a day and time in advance -- Saturday, 10am -- and you need to be out the door by 1010.  With this method, you have to be honest and not cheat... no stuffing an extra can of tuna or soup in your bag, no looking at the weather forecast on your iPhone at 0945 and adding a pair of socks... you must be honest.

2.  You arrange with a friend that he or she will call you at a random time, and you've got 10 minutes from the time the phone rings to grab your BOB and haul ass.

Again, these require a certain measure of honesty from you.  You shouldn't be altering your bag contents based on weather, etc.  Yes, you can make seasonal adjustments, if that's part of your normal routine (I don't... I am always stocked for Winter season, and just wear fewer clothes in the summer), but no adding extra food or anything like that.
Now you're in your vehicle, and off you go to your pre-arranged location.  Some camp site in the woods, most likely, or perhaps a cabin in the mountains.

Get there, and set up.  Remember, you have ONLY those items that were in your bag -- vehicle doesn't count.  No sleeping in the cargo area of the SUV.

For an added challenge, be sure you obey all local and state laws regarding hunting.  No shooting rabbit or pheasant out of season or without a license.  In a true survival scenario, most hunting laws will be ignored, I get that, but this is supposed to be a challenge.

For another challenge, assume that you arrive at your primary bug out site, and it's already occupied by undesirables... Thugs, Zombies, Rabid woodchucks, Democrats, whatever.  So now you need a new location.  

Have you tried this?  If not, why not?  If you have, what lessons did you learn, and what changes did you make to your BOB?  

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