December 17, 2012

The Honeymoon is Over

Sadly, I've returned from a week with my bride in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Technically, we were in Neuvo Vallarta for most of it, with a few excursions out of the resort.

Sunday, we flew down on an early flight (0600 out of Indy.)  Somehow managed to get upgraded seats to First Class from IND to IAH.  Took a little regional jet from there to Puerto Vallarta.  The vacation company through whom I'd booked the trip had a driver there to meet us, and we made for the resort with little delay.

Spent Monday lounging on the beach, reading, relaxing, and swimming.

Tuesday went for a swim with some dolphins in the morning, then parasailing and swimming in the afternoon.

Wednesday was a boat ride to the Marieta Islands for snorkeling, laying on a secluded beach, and lunch.

Thursday found us on a city/country tour, including an obscure tequila distillery and lunch on the side of a river, near a waterfall.

Packed the bags Friday, after one last dip in the water, and headed to the airport, where we managed to get ANOTHER upgrade to First Class for the PVR-IAH leg.  Say what you want about airlines and their problems, but every once in a while they manage to treat you right, and it's pretty nice when they do.

Got back to IND, loaded the car, and made it home just after midnight.

Spent the weekend unpacking, doing laundry, and all the assorted tasks of everyday life.  Today, it's back to the office to get caught up on the 100+ emails and issues I've ignored since last Sunday.

All in all, a wonderful trip.  Spent five days on the beach with my wife, and that's as good a vacation as I could want.


Old NFO said...

Scared me there JB... :-) Glad it went well, and good on ya for the upgrades, however they got there! And no, it wasn't me (again).

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this post and it baffles me that even though you visit a place abundant with marine life, including dolphins, you choose to swim with captive ones!

Jeff B said...

Well, we also did some snorkeling around the Marietas islands, if that eases your pain.

I'd also point out that swimming with wild dolphins isn't the safest activity, and swimming with captive dolphins is much safer. And more enjoyable.

Besides, we had fun.