September 4, 2012

Safe Arrival

Finally made it to the new digs on Sunday, circa 1530 hours.  It was all of 1140 miles, it took a hell of a lot of gas at 12 mpg average (screw you, Al Gore!), and I had one VERY sore tushy, but I made it.

The JB Bed, Breakfast, and Petting Zoo is complete.  Three dogs, two cats, one rat, one wife, two child spawn...

I'm in the middle of unpacking and therefore won't have much new stuff up for a day or so, but go read the Blogroll folks in the mean time, and remember to hit the Donation Page for Kilted to Kick Cancer to chip in a buck or three.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Glad you made it okay! Enjoy the family!!!