September 24, 2012

Road Warrior

On the road again, this trip to South Carolina, for a couple days of client face time.

Hardest this about the job, really, is finding decent places to eat that aren't big chains.  I've had enough of Applebee's and Chili's, thanks.  Give me local flavor and atmosphere, and for that, one need only look for a cop car or ambulance. Because if I learned anything doing this gig, I learned this:

Cops and medics know where to find good food.

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Mule Breath said...

Our mutual buddy Wes once used the term "the MacDonalds syndrome" to describe why such places as Applebees exist. People are more willing to dine at a cut & paste joint than to risk what they might find at Joe's diner. Myself? I'll take the risk.

I'd rather chance disappointment with some unknown gastronomic adventure than submit to a known boring plater of stuff shipped in a carton ready cooked and nuked to anonymous perfection.

"Hello! My name is Bruce, and I'll be your server tonight. Could I interest you in our very special and exotic plaster of paris that we have flown in fresh at least twice monthly?"