September 7, 2012


Because it's only a skirt if you wear something underneath.

Swing on over and drop a dollar or two for Prostate Cancer Foundation.

And men, go get checked.  Be sure to ask the doc if he has a cigarette after, but get checked.


JR said...

Is that a Douglas tartan you are wearing? Color never translates well on teh inner webs, but it looks a lot like my family plaid. If so, what is your connection? (it IS a very cool color scheme, if I do say so...)

Jeff B said...

It is a Douglas tartan. No connection -- I'm German/Polish -- other than "Hey, I like that!" and "Anything but 'Blackwatch' will suffice."

Sharp eye, JR.

JR said...

I love our plaid. My parents attend a Presbyterian church so my dad gets to do "Kirking of the Tartans" a few times a year. He always looks so handsome!

Welcome to the family! :-)