August 12, 2012

Buddy, Can You Spare a Dollar

If you've been in EMS for more than a day or two, you've no doubt surfed the multitude of EMS-related websites.  Places with articles, CE quizes, downloadable content, humor, and general miscellany.

Before all these places existed, there was the House of DeFrance.

Valerie DeFrance is a paramedic up in Alaska, and it would be fair to say she was one of the first folks to run an EMS website.  I was wet behind the ears, with a head full of ideas, and she steered me in the right direction.  There are still a few power point presentations up there that I wrote, and we later collaborated on "Live From Peachtree Street," a series of case reviews with discussions.

And we did it all on a 56K dial-up modem.  For free.

Now, Valerie needs our help.  She's too stubborn to ask, of course, because strong, confident, tough-as-nails, old broads never ask, but that doesn't mean the need isn't there.

She's got Breast Cancer.

From what I know, her chances of beating it are pretty good.  The problem is getting TO the care she needs... Alaska is a damn big place, and she has to drive 75 miles to get the cancer treatments she needs.  Then 75 miles home.

Her medical bills will come later, but for now, I'd like to ask my readers to chip in a few spare bucks to help get her enough money for gas.

You can find a way to donate over here at Mule Breath's place.  I've known MB for years, and believe me: When he says "100% of funds go to Valerie," he means "100% of funds go to Valerie."

I know times are tough and funds are few.  But anything helps, even if it's just $25.

Please and thanks.


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