July 16, 2012

The Weekend That Was

With the near certain forthcoming move to Indiana, it's time to get the house on the market, which means it was time to have my Realtor come by and give it the once-over, find out what I need to do to increase curb and showing appeal.

As an aside, she's also a good friend of mine, and a climbing pal.  Some years ago, her boyfriend died in a freak climbing accident, and he'd once mentioned that he wanted his ashes spread to the winds from atop Redgarden Wall, which is a cliff formation in Eldorado Canyon.  She asked me if I would take her up his favorite route on Redgarden, since it was beyond her ability to do without a stronger climber to lead the way.  I was honored to do so.

She came over, gave me a list of things to do, and I had a couple other things I wanted to finish up before the listing.

Then the water heater decided that THIS would be a good time to spring a leak.

Called a plumbing company here locally, and they could send someone out as soon as I wanted.  Money being somewhat tight because of Missus' recent illness and having to be off work for a month, I delayed the install until Friday (payday).  So at 8 am on Friday, I went to Home Depot and bought the cheapest 40 gallon gas water heater I could find ($350), drove home, and humped that damn thing downstairs to the utility room.  The plumbers showed, and in an hour they had the old one out, drained, carted off, the new one in, connected, and running like a champ.  Then they charged me $620 for that hour.  Sure, it was two guys, but $310 an HOUR?  YHGTBSM.

Friday evening, I had to do some lawn work, like mow and pick up dog shit and such.  Also did some touch-up painting here and there, etc.

Saturday, I had hired a maid service to come over and give my house an absolutely thorough cleaning.  Top to Bottom, everything, make it clean.  While I love the company of my two dogs, I do admit that they make it difficult to keep a clean house.  "Clean enough", sure, I can handle that, but I don't have the time to make it "Open House" clean.

They showed up PROMPTLY at 8am, and started right in.  Ten minutes into it and they had my fridge pulled aside and were sweeping under it, washing windows, walls, etc.  I was amazed and how thorough they were, and it was money well spent. 

While they did their thing, I got busy with yard stuff.  The previous owners had a stupid river rock landscape thing going along the back fence row, and it looked horrible. Imagine a rectangle, seven feet deep by sixty feet long, divided into three sections.  River rock on either end, and a totally different colored flatstone area in the middle.  Just horrid.

I moved all the rock from one side to the other, effectively doubling the amount of stone there, and framed off a raised garden bed with drip irrigation set around the perimeter.  Then I made the first of several trips to Home Depot (JB's Home Improvement Axiom: "There is no home improvement trip that can be completed with fewer than three trips to Home Depot") to get some fill dirt and garden soil.  I mixed in some composting leaves and grass clippings that I had, and began hauling 40 pound bags of dirt to cover.  After 15 bags, it was ALMOST half full.  Back to HD, buy more dirt, haul them one at a time.  At the end, I had
carried about 1200 pounds of dirt.

It was 11:00 am.

Started working on the deck, which is covered with tile.  It looks decent enough, but many of the tiles were loose and most of the grout between needed replaced.  So I pulled all the tiles, managed to break only one, and went back to HD for grout, a trowel, spacers, etc.  Started laying tile, which SUCKS, and finally quit at 9pm when I couldn't lift my arms any longer.

Sunday, started to finish up the tiles, but it began to rain, so I had to quit.  A buddy of mine, Aaron, called, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in shooting some clays.  Would I?  Would I?

Hell. Yes.

We burned through 200+ shells, shooting my Mossberg, his Beretta, and his friend's Marlin.  Single clays, two at a time, two shooters/three clays... LOTS of good recoil therapy.  I discovered a few facts during
this fun:

1) I need to improve my decision making process speed.  Couple times I found myself trying to decide WHICH clay to shoot first, and by the time I decided, they were both on the ground.

2) My Mossberg 12G O/U kicks like a rented mule.  My shoulder is going to be bruised for a couple days.

3) Aaron's Beretta A400 is a suh-weeeet gun.  Mongo LIKE.

4) While n=not enough to be valid, I did manage to shoot better left handed than right... twice I managed to get all three clays in the air.  Never did that right handed.

Body aches, but a decent weekend overall.


Mule Breath said...

Next time you need a water heater installed you could buy me a RT ticket on Southwest so I could do it for you. You'd save money and I'd get a vacation.

Old NFO said...

Yep, THEY DO charge a bunch... Glad things are coming together (more or less)...