July 8, 2012


The area got some much needed rain the past couple days, with a 70% chance of more rain coming today.  I'll take it.  My lawn was looking rather pathetic, some of the local streams were little more than dry ditches of caked dirt, and the temps have dropped from an abnormal 100+ degrees to a more typical 70-80 range.  

Loads of stuff to do to get the house ready for the market.  I'll be headed to my local Mega-Corporate-Hardware-Store for a purchase or twenty today, and spending the day doing what I can to improve things.

Water heater is going to need replaced.  Local laws say that I have to have a licensed plumber do the work to stay compliant with housing code.  They make no mention, however, of how I'm supposed to PAY for the pleasure of being in compliance with their law.  It can't be difficult: Shut off water and gas, unhook all hoses, let the old water heater drain.  Remove, bring in new one, connect hoses, turn on water and gas, light pilot light.

How many variations can there be on "white paint", anyway?  I need some touch up paint for various pieces of wood trim, and my simpleton brain thinks "white paint is white paint is white paint."  Alas, I am obviously a  moron, for this is not the case.

I've got a favorite coffee mug.  It's the right size to hold about as much coffee as I can drink at my coffee-drinking pace before the last sip is just below acceptable temperature.  Sadly, this morning I noticed it has a crack, and will thus need to be repaired.  Had that mug for almost 6 years, and it's been with me from Arizona to Colorado.  T'was a good run, and I'll find a suitable replacement.  Still, like an old, perfectly formed pair of work boots, you just hate to see it go.

Not much blogging this week.  Y'all check out the folks in the blogroll.  I run a reciprocal blogroll, so if you add me, let me know and I'll add you.

Fair winds.

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Old NFO said...

I take it a move is afoot? Good luck with the paint matching... sigh... I NEVER did get that right, and ended up re-painting all the trim!