June 14, 2012

Best. Week. Ever.

This past week ranks up there at the top of "Greatest Weeks of My Life", and for so many reasons...

Wednesday, I cut out of work around 3:30, with Out Of Office email replies set: "Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office, and unable to answer emails, until Wednesday, June 13th. During that time, I will be upgrading the Operating System on the Brosius Domain Controller from Girlfriend v 4.02 to Wife v 1.0. Thank you for your patience." I wonder how many of my clients got a chuckle out of that?

Wednesday evening, I picked up The Missus and Spawn from the airport. We dropped by the hotel where her parents were staying to say howdy, and then headed to the Stately JB Manor to greet my close friend Brian, who made the drive from Dallas to be my Best Man. Brian and I have a funny history: The crazy psycho-bitch I used to date in Atlanta met him at a conference long after we split, and they got married and moved to AZ. They divorced, and we struck up a friendship when we both worked as flight medics in Phoenix. After my girlfriend at the time and I split up, I moved in with Brian, and we were roommates for a year and a half. He moved to Dallas about the same time I moved to Denver. We have kept in touch, and he's a great pal.  Wednesday night, dinner at a local brew pub, then home.

Thursday morning, I picked up Ambulance Driver and his daughter KB from the airport, and got them settled in to my "Guest Room", which looks a LOT like my basement, only with the futon folded out to sleep. KB declined to join us at the gun range (which is a good thing, because she can out-shoot the lot of us, except AD and Missus' father, Phil), so AD, Brian, Phil, my pal Jeremy, and I loaded up the arsenal (Brian's SKS, AK-47, and Ruger .22LR, my Remington 700, my Marlin .22LR, a buddy's Ruger Mini-14, Phil's .270 and 300 WinMag, and an assortment of pistols... Glock 23, Glock 19, Sig Mosquito, some cheap-ass .22LR of Brian's, and AD's Kahr CW-9) and headed to the Camp Fickes Shooting Range (here: http://goo.gl/maps/hVnf ) for a little recoil therapy.

I can't begin to guess the amount of ammunition we burned up, but suffice it to say "A hell of a lot" would be an understatement. Left there, swung by the Bucksnort Saloon for a beverage or two and some dead animal flesh on a bun. Finally made it home and finished up the night with a selection of craft beers and home brews on my patio, telling stories, laughing hard, and enjoying the company.

Friday, Missus and I ran a quick errand to get the marriage license application submitted, then back to the house. Missus, Samantha (a friend of mine from here who performed the ceremony) and Kim (a climbing friend from here, and Jeremy's wife) toddled off to get a mani-pedi and drink Cosmos and generally relax. It was a short time later that I get a text informing me that after her third Cosmo, Kim decided she just HAD to get her nose pierced, and they were headed that way. By that time, we were getting started on the "Rehearsal Dinner", which included burgers, brats, and chicken on the grill, with the usual accouterments of chips, potato salad, cheese and crackers, etc. My folks and my cousin Jeff had arrived, and showed up with beer... always a plus. Once the women folk arrived, it was another evening of good food, good company, and good times.

Saturday: My "evil corporate entity" employer bought me and Missus a couple's massage at a local spa, so we headed there at 0800 for an hour long rub-down. I now understand why that sort of business is lucrative... it did not suck. Once home, I discovered that AD had managed to burn most of the remaining food in his half-ass attempt at cooking breakfast. Missus and I wanted to get some pics done with the mountains in the background, and in order to do that we needed to get ready before noon. After the sun moves to the west, the mountains are harder to see (in the shadows and such), so we hightailed it to a field I know that has an unobstructed view and my friend Chris took some amazing pics. Naturally, the day of our wedding also happened to be the HOTTEST day of the year, so I was sweating pretty well by the time noon rolled around. 

We came back to the house, moved AD and Brian to their respective hotels -- NOBODY was going to be staying at Stately JB Manor that night except me and Missus -- and ducked into Rock Bottom Brewery for a lunch and a beer pre-ceremony. Then came the ceremony, held at a local park that has a pavilion on an island in a pond ( http://goo.gl/maps/Epsk ) . It was, IMHO, how a wedding ceremony should be. Light heated and serious, somber and funny, quaint and comfortable, and most of all, SHORT. I didn't time it, but I'd think maybe 15 minutes or so? 

We wrote our own vows, one Best Man, one Maid of Honor, the Spawn (one on each side), and my dogs as ring bearers. A couple funny moments: About 2 minutes into it, an Ice Cream Truck drove down the street, playing its melody. I think he was surprised to see six guys in kilts, because he decided to STOP his truck and watch. Which I wouldn't have minded at all, if he'd have remembered to turn off the music. Presently, Kim ran up to the street, informed him in no uncertain terms that he was interrupting our wedding ceremony, and that if he didn't turn off the music or move along, she would show him a new storage place for his rocket pops.... He moved along. 

The second was when Missus was trying to put my ring on my finger... my knuckles had swollen a bit because of the heat, and the ring wouldn't slide on easy. As she was trying to force it on, she forgot to say the "Take this ring..." bit. In a flash of inspiration, I snagged the notebook from Sam and pointed to the line Missus was supposed to read. Chris timed that photo perfectly, and you can see me pointing as she gives me the side-eye. 

At any rate, a couple quick poems, recite the vows, a kiss, and there we have it... married. Hugs, kisses, a cold beer, and let's get the reception started. Had everyone join us at Burn's Tavern, a local British Tavern connected to the hotel where everyone was staying. We opened a tab, told folks to order as they pleased and eat and drink and enjoy. We danced to Marc Cohen's "True Companion" (thanks, Bob Ball!!!), and just had a lovely, relaxing time. No DJ playing the Funky Chicken Dance, no buffet line, no placards telling everyone where to sit... we wanted our families and friends to mingle and meet and visit, and that worked perfectly. Capped things off with a fair bit of scotch, including a Glenlivet 39 year old.  That didn't suck.   

Sunday, her parents and AD both had to leave, so the remaining folks took a leisurely drive to Breckenridge for some mountain views, shopping, lunch, etc. Missus and Brian both suffered a bit of altitude sickness (dizzy, headache, decreased coordination) so we hightailed it back down the hill. Most everyone was wiped out, so we had an early night. 

Monday, we drove to see Red Rocks Amphitheater ( http://goo.gl/maps/xLQs ), which is a truly amazing outdoor venue for concerts. Grabbed some Mexican food at the Morrison Inn, and returned home. My cousin Jeff had a flight on Monday night, so my folks drove him to the airport while Missus and I took the girls to the pool, and Brian got a much-needed 2 hour break from the hyper-active Spawn. Came back, cooked on the grill, finished off most of the beers, and got things packed up for the flights out on Tuesday.

I am wedded to the greatest woman I've ever known, and that, friends, certainly doesn't suck.  

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