May 4, 2012

Song Needed

My missus and I are getting hitched, and we need a song for her walk down the aisle.

Three requirements:

1.  No religious stuff.  We be agnostic.
2.  No Wedding March or Pachabel's Canon.
3.  Serious suggestions only.


Ambulance Driver said...

These are more along the lines of songs for the first dance, but they might work for the walk down the aisle.

Check out Paul Brandt's "I Do," and John Rich's "Lost In This Moment," both as it so happens, written for weddings.

Andy McKee's "For My Father" is a beautiful guitar instrumental.

Old NFO said...

My suggestion would be "Wind Beneath My Wings".

bobball said...

True Companion (Marc Cohn).

Dirk said...

I like "Everything I Do" from Bryan Adams, and "Your eyes" by Peter Gabriel.

My wife and I tried to have the first one played at our wedding, but the church wouldn't let us do it because it has a line that says "I'd lie for you" in it.

Jeff B said...

@bobball: I like that! Thanks!!

Jay G said...

"I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders is a good one.

Ditto "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis.

Maureen said...

Springsteen -- "If I Should Fall Behind"