May 7, 2012


It's a couple months away... Kilted To Kick Cancer.

Last year was the inaugural, where a few bloggers (including Ambulance Driver, OldNFO, MattG, et al) donned their skirts kilts and tried to raise a few bucks for male-specific cancer research.

Last year, there was a boat load of schwag given away, and it's on again this year.

This year, I'm joining the ranks.  Yes, I'll be showing off my spindly toothpicks chicken legs glorious gams pasty white prop-sticks by wearing a kilt in September.

Stay tuned.  And be sure to tell your pals to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and/or LiveStrong through my blog, and not at AD's.

Every time you donate through AD, God kills a kitten.  Two kittens, a sea otter, and a half-dozen meerkats.


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Old NFO said...

:-) Welcome to the fray! :-)