April 16, 2012

People Who Don't Get It

From the WaPo comes this insanely inaccurate bit of drivel (I know, I'm being doubly redundant and repeating myself...)

Why the NRA pushes ‘Stand Your Ground’

This article is so full of FAIL, it's hard to determine where to begin:

In reality,” Bloomberg said in a speech before the National Press Club last week, “the NRA’s leaders weren’t interested in public safety. They were interested in promoting a culture where people take the law into their own hands and face no consequences for it. Let’s call that by its real name: vigilantism.
Actually, no, you dimwitted twit: It's got NOTHING to do with vigilantism.  It's about providing protection for people who, when faced with deadly or grievous bodily harm from an assailant, are unable to escape and must resort to deadly force to protect their own life.

Put another way: If an assailant comes up to my Missus, pulls a knife, backs her into a corner, and attempts to rape her, she should NOT need to consider "Well, I have my Kahr CW-9 with 126 grain JHPs right here on my hip, but if I shoot this guy, I'm going to be charged with murder, so I better not try to defend myself."

Bloomberg’s partners in the group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns — notably Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino, the organization’s co-chair — have filled the void left in state legislatures, Congress and the White House by moderates, liberals and many conservatives who ought to know better but are too petrified by the NRA to confront it. Mayors face the daily toll taken by gun laws dictated by gun lobbyists and are less easily intimidated.
The "daily toll" taken by gun laws?  How high is this "toll", anyway?  Can you point to links where it's clearly shown that legal gun owners are using guns for illegal acts?  We still don't know if the Trayvon Martin case is a legal shooting or not, because the details and facts have yet to come to light, but even if it IS determined to be an unlawful shooting, that makes four that I can think of where a gun was purchased legally and used for illegal purposes (VaTech, Gabby Giffords,Oikos University being the other three.)

And in NONE of those four cases was "Stand Your Ground" at the root of the matter.  

Given the level of hyperbole here, you'd be forgiven if you had images of bodies piling up in the streets, stacked like a cord of fire wood, by "armed vigilantes" roaming the streets, emptying the magazine at anyone they see.

...it is an ineffectiveness spawned by weakness that explains why Stand Your Ground laws spread through legislatures like a virus. By Bloomberg’s count, they are now on the books in 25 states.
So, again, with laws that provide protection to people who are forced to use force to protect their own life, or that of another, I can't help but ask: Where are all the bodies?

What’s insidious about Stand Your Ground laws is that in every jurisdiction that has them, these statutes tilt the balance of power in any street encounter in favor of the person who has a gun. That’s what happened in the Martin case. The law provides a perverse incentive for everyone to be armed.
I'm failing to see a problem here.

There's an assumption, unstated but apparent, by the anti-gun folks that every single gun owner is a violent psychopath, one Denver Broncos loss away from mass murder. This insane characterization ignores facts. More than a vast majority, and in fact a nearly unanimous number, of legal gun owners have no desire whatsoever to shoot someone. We'd all be perfectly content to live our lives in peace, punching holes into paper targets or clay pigeons or the occasional deer come hunting season.

And allowing people to be armed is what allows people to defend their home and person from violence. If you need examples of this, look no farther than Jay's Dead Goblin Count.

Equally problematic, these measures complicate law enforcement, breeding confusion for both police and prosecutors. They weren’t even necessary, since courts have long recognized the right to self-defense. As Glaze noted, “it’s not about standing your ground, it’s about taking authority away from police and ignoring 400 years of common law that has always allowed you to defend yourself.”
The police aren't going to be there to save you. How many news stories do we have where the headline reads "Police showed up just in time to save victim from being raped"?  As TOTWTYTR reminds us, "When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away."

We do not need statutes that encourage citizens to assume that feeling threatened is reason enough to shoot another human being.
Good thing that the "Stand Your Ground" laws don't do that.  Of course, why bother to let facts get in your way.

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Ye Gods and little fishes... they are TOTALLY out of control! Good post JB!