April 12, 2012

The Laws Are Different For Him

If you ever wonder if the law is different for some folks, I suggest you consider these two stories:

Former El Paso sheriff's deputy sentenced in fatal crash.

And this:

Man who stole military gear faces 12-18 months in prison.

Stop and think about that... while both events are deplorable, one of them was simply the theft of material goods that can be easily replaced.  The other involved the (unintentional, but final nevertheless) taking of a life.

Doesn't seem proper.  But I'm pretty simple-minded, so maybe I'm missing something.

1 comment:

bobball said...

Sadly though...I've seen the same 90 day sentence (or less) for "joe citizen". The problem is he was convicted of careless driving (so the fact that he killed someone wasn't even really part of the case). Now, had he been convicted of vehicular homicide...maybe he'd get the time he deserves.