April 22, 2012

The Land of the Free?

I invite you to stop for a moment and think about what aspects of your life are truly free.  What part of your normal day is, truly, without some limitation or regulation?

Think this one through:

You wake up in the morning, in your house.  The house that is required to meet a certain building code and pass regulation inspection.  The house for which you pay taxes to own... the house where you can't water your lawn during certain hours.

You amble down your stairs... which must be a specified height from step to step.. and proceed to make your breakfast.  Not just any food you want, of course, but food that has been approved by another government agency as acceptable for you to consume.  You brew your coffee with water that has been approved as safe for you, and eat your hashbrowns and eggs, cooked in oil that has an acceptable - per the government - level of saturated fats.

Off to work, you.  You get to drive a car that has an approved level of emission down a road that you pay for with taxes, as long as you are allowed to drive by getting permission, and then only at the speed which they tell you is OK.  And if you dare to drive without a seat belt, well, then you're going to be in a world of hurt.

Then you get to work.  Maybe you have a job in an office, where you are required to work no more than X hours before you must take a break, or get paid overtime, or get an extra day of vacation.  Regardless, you've got to sit at your regulation height desk, ensure that you don't type more than Y hours, and the food in the cafeteria has to be of an approved standard.

Heading home, you opt to drop by the local tavern for a pint, where the pub owner is required to follow regulations about what kind of food he can serve, how it can be cooked, what sort of beer he can serve and to whom, and how much tax he must collect on the food and drink.

Once you leave the pub, you're subjected once again to the laws and regulations of the road, at least until you get home, where you turn on the television and watch television shows that have been censored to meet acceptable FCC standards, since everyone knows that hearing the word "bitch" is not acceptable in society.

You call it a night, turning off your CF Lightbulbs, since you're not allowed to buy regular incandescent bulbs any longer.  Headed to bed, you stop and say a little prayer, asking the good lord to watch over your children, guide those who have lost their way, and you give thanks that you live in a land where everyone is free to live their life without interference from the government.


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Old NFO said...

Excellent points JB, freedom is an illusion today...