March 2, 2012

What I Believe

On another forum, I managed to confound a colleague with regards to my political beliefs, where I stand on various issues, and so forth. He, wrongly, assumed I was a Republican Conservative because I'm not a big fan of President Obama.

In order to clear the air, here's my beliefs in a nut shell:

~ I don't give a rat-fuck about gay marriage. If gay people want to get married, that's fine. My life will not be affected. My relationship with my missus will not be changed. I do not think that gay marriage will cheapen the sanctity of marriage (Brittany Spears, Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Taylor, and Larry King already saw to that.)

~ I believe "Gun Control" means a steady hand and a good set of sights.

~ I think abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. I won't ever try to tell a woman what she can or cannot do to her own body, but I also reserve the right to be disgusted by anyone who routinely uses abortion as a means of birth control. Gentlemen, if you're going to stick your pecker in a lady's hoo-hah, wrap it up. Ladies, if you're gonna spread 'em for a fella, you should be sure he wraps it up.

~ I think that unending "entitlement" plans like welfare and medicaid are not the solution to the problems of poverty. If you keep giving people things for free, when will they ever learn to fend for themselves? It's that whole "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime" concept. Term limited entitlements, sure... bad things happen to good people, and we should help them when possible. But I've spent YEARS providing services to people who live on the public dime, and when that gets in the way of me making more money, then I've got a problem.

~ I believe that my money is best located in my pocket. Not sent to fund some alligator farm in Louisiana or a bridge to an island I've never heard of in Alaska. There are things that need to be funded by tax dollars. But the more money I have in my pocket, the better I am able to spend it. It is not, I submit, unreasonable that I ask my government to spend the money they already take from me more efficiently before they ask for more.

~ I believe that "trying to understand" the enemies of my country is a secondary goal to ensuring that those enemies can not harm my countrymen (and countrywomen... ah, fuck: "Countrypeople.") A Smith and Wesson still beats 4 Aces, if you get the point. If my enemies want to reach a truce, and co-exist in peace, then I'd love to learn more about their culture and life. But if they want a fight, they can have one.

~ I believe that gratis work should never be mandatory. Forcing me to provide my services to someone who can not pay for those services is not charity. Or, as the nuns taught me back in 3rd grade: "It isn't charity if you're forced to do it." Either we trust in the inherent goodness of people or we don't. But we can't force people to do something they don't want to do... that only breeds resentment.

~ I believe that phrases like "Under God" are not the emotionally-devastating event for a child that some folks think they are. If the kid grows up all fucked up, that's the result of bad parenting, not saying the Pledge of Allegience.

~ I believe a clean environment is an obligation we all have. I also believe that if it comes down to putting food on the table for children or having a lush blooming wild oleander plant, I'll vote for the full belly. Industry and environment are not mutually exclusive.

~ I believe other things, too. But my fingers are sore.

So... what do YOU believe?

Update: MattG says it better than I can.


Old NFO said...

You've pretty much nailed most of mine, I would only add that I believe in respecting the individual as opposed to his/her ethnicity, religion or what ever ISMs they happen to associate with. BUT having said that, if they try to force their beliefs/lifestyle on me, they are history...

Dirk said...

Well said, both of you. Don't know if I could possibly agree more.

Suz said...

Nicely done. I'm with both of you.

Julie said...

Definitely agree with both of you too ... well done!

DesertRat said...

I believe that the best solutions to people's problems come from individuals and local groups, not from the state or national government. One-size-fits-all government solutions/laws/regulations/policies/agencies...don't. The less our government has to do with my life and the life of everyone else, the better.

I believe that America is exceptional in the world, and has a duty to be and remain the pre-eminent power for democracy. While we may necessarily and grudgingly be the "world's policeman", we are not the "world's nursemaid", the "world's parents" or the "world's savior". Our efforts should be for our own interests, and if your country is lucky enough to benefit from it, so be it. If you country ends up as a glass parking lot for the same reasons, then so be THAT.

Chas Clifton said...

So where is our party? :(

TOTWTYTR said...

A hearty, non denominational, "Amen" to that brother.

TOTWTYTR said...

A hearty, non denominational, "Amen" to that brother.

Matt G said...

Well-said, JB.

And thanks.