March 7, 2012

Let Each College Decide What Free Speech Means

I mean, why not? If the Denver Post thinks that each college should get to decide what gun laws they want to follow, why not let them dictate what is and isn't protected free speech?

We obviously need to protect people from hurtful things, and strong language can be hurtful -- my therapist says that words can sting -- so let's be sure to ban hurtful speech. No more chanting "You suck!" directed at the opposing football team during homecoming. Maybe they really DO suck, but that shouldn't matter. If the college is allowed to decide what people can and can't say, then that's that.

While we're at it, let's throw away that pesky Fourth Amendment on campus, too. People don't need to be free of unwarranted search on a college campus... if they don't have anything to hide, why would they object? Let the college decide when people can be randomly searched. Maybe they can get some retired TSA folks to give each student a thorough body cavity search grope and feel security pat down as they walk into the lecture hall.      

And who are we, the common people who foot the bill, to decide what is and is not an Excessive Fine or a Cruel Punishment? Obviously, those need to be decided by each individual college, too. I'm sorry for the students attending Saint Magdalene's College for Wayward Women: Fail a final exam and you're getting a whap on the knuckles with a ruler. Sure, might seem extreme to the folks at CU, for whom failure only brings a group hug and a drum circle and a hookah pipe, but we're letting each college decide here!

/Deep breath....

One example, DP.  ONE example of a lawful CWP holder using his or her legally owned and carried Concealed Weapon to incite and cause violence.  Surely the sagacious and resourceful folks at the DP can point out ONE example, since they give the foregone conclusion that people who have legally obtained a CWP are, by default, dangerous people who are one vending machine rip-off away from mass violence.

Just one example, please.

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TOTWTYTR said...

Sadly, a lot of colleges already DO dictate what free speech is. Liberal/progressive/socialist speech is protected, anything by an evil Republican or conservative isn't.

Which is why they feel free to ignore laws they don't like.