February 21, 2012


Lost in the midst of all the "furniture store sales, paid holiday, kids out of school for the day" madness of President's Day* was the anniversary of the introduction of the 21st Amendment, to Repeal Prohibition.

Prohibition was an abject failure, as is oft the case when government tries to regulate morality, behavior, and activity. It led to crime, organized and otherwise, and really served no purpose other than to make a very few people very rich, and a lot of other people very dead. The rest of society... well, they got screwed.

Seventy nine years later, we still haven't learned our lesson. Government, and more specifically politicians -- from BOTH sides of the aisle, mind you, think they can successfully regulate free-thinking people into some idealistic view of morality.

We see this in the (failed) "War on Drugs" which has been going for years, and yet the drugs still come.

We see this in efforts to ban or limit homosexual couples from having the same rights as heterosexual couples.

We see this in efforts to ban abortion -- usually by men who have never faced the prospect of being a young, single mother.

We see this in efforts to ban alcohol -- anyone live in a "Dry" county?

Time and time again, we see people who have some warped view of what is and what is not "moral" attempt to force that view onto others by regulating behavior.

The underlying message is "You can't be trusted to make your own behavior choices, so we, your Elected Superiors, will make them for you."

If you find this as insulting as I do, raise your glass.

*So noted because I refuse to celebrate all the Presidents at the same time. Seriously, George Washington and Franklin Pierce should NOT have the same day of celebration.


Dirk said...

The first political party that defines a major plank in their platform as "Social Issues are not the concern of the government, and we will work to prevent such laws from being passed, and will also work to repeal such laws as exist." - and sticks to it - will win by a landslide such as has never been seen in the history of the world.

Old NFO said...

Concur, but I'm having to drink coffee dammit... :-)