February 6, 2012

Stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime

Dearest client, valued customer, and kind sir:

I appreciate that your business is small, and that you've not the capital to spend on a full time IT Services specialist.

I also appreciate the fact that you want to keep your expenses low, in order to maintain a balance sheet in the "black". (No, I'm not being racist... that's what they call it when revenue exceeds expenses.)

However, I would posit to you, kind sir, that this is what I do. I've over three years of experience building networks that best handle the software that my company sells. I know what works, I know what doesn't work, and I know every possible shortcut and work-around and trick of the trade.

So when you pay my company $1500 for my expertise and services, and my suggestion to you is to spend $100 on additional RAM for your primary database server to improve performance of your system, you'll forgive me if I bang my head against the wall when you tell me that "That's pretty expensive."

If I send you a check for $100, will you please stop calling me complaining that your server is slow?


Old NFO said...

OH geez... They just spent HOW MUCH for you and then they pulled that??? I'd be putting that guy on ignore for ever...

Jumblerant said...

And.... welcome to my world.

Move from MS SharePoint to WordPress for all 120 websites and you won't need to pay for any SEO services ever again.

Or designers.

Or web development team.

7 full time salaries can be saved - but no, they're scared because its open source.