February 23, 2012

Breaking in a new holster

'Bout two weeks ago, I picked up a Galco Fletch Black Leather holster for my Glock 19.

I like the ride on my hip, the fact that I can conceal it without needing a floor length robe, and the condition as a "used" holster (I saw a post on a local gun web board; seller got it as a gift, but didn't like it, so he sold it to me).

Problem is, it hasn't been used much. That's a good thing on one hand, but a bad thing on the other.

See, what I'm having trouble with is getting it soft enough to allow a fairly expeditious draw, but still hold shape well enough to keep the gun stable and firm.

At the moment, it's so snug that I cannot draw with just one hand. I have to hold the holster with left hand and pull the gun with the right.

That won't do.

I've spent some time repeatedly drawing and re-holstering and re-drawing and re-re-holstering (all with an unloaded gun, of course), and otherwise I've kept the gun in the holster in my bed-side table (no children at JB's house.)

Still, though, it's really stiff to pull. Any suggestions?

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Old NFO said...

Take some saran wrap or the bag from your dry cleaners, wrap the gun in a couple of layers and leave it in the holster for a day or so. That should help the holster 'relax' enough to allow you to draw smoothly.