January 22, 2012

Tim Allen, please call your office

I'm the kind of guy that preps the coffee the night before. Grind the beans, fill the water, set the timer. There are few things that make a morning tolerable than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It's what drives me to throw off the covers, pad down stairs in my pajamas, and let the dogs into the back yard.

So last night, I set about the routine. And as I went to fill the reservoir, I noticed that my feet were getting wet. That didn't seem right. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's a line in the Kitchen Sink Function Manual that says "there should not be any water pouring out from under the faucet."

This morning, I drank the coffee, opened the cabinet under the sink, and turned on the faucet, to find water spraying everywhere. The hose from the water supply into the bottom of the faucet has sprung a leak.

Trotted off to Home Depot, which, as every home owner will tell you, is like the Bottomless Pit of Money (a.k.a. BPoM). You buy a house and you instantly become Home Depot's bitch. I might as well set up a direct deposit from my checking account to the Home Depot corporate account.

Anyhoo, I pick up a new faucet. Then I head home. Shut off the main water supply line to the current faucet, start unhooking the lines, and that's when I found out that the connectors were metric sized, and I have an English sized wrench set. So I run BACK to the BPoM to get a metric wrench set. Home again, disconnect the supply lines.

Remove the old faucet, and huck it into the trash. Drop the new faucet into place, only to find that the gasket at the bottom doesn't quite seat right, and I need some plumber's putty to seal it tightly. Back to the BPoM, and back home.

Finally get the new faucet seated right and tightened down. Go to connect the supply hoses to the faucet, and discover that I have 1/2 inch supply lines that need to connect to 3/8 inch faucet lines. They make a connecting bushing for that, but guess who doesn't have any such bushings?
Yeah, you see where this is going.

BACK to the BPoM, home again, and I finally have the damn faucet replaced and functional.

We're going to score this as a Win for the "Do It Yourself So You Know It Was Done Right" school of thought. Time for a beer, I think.


PJ Geraghty said...

Metric fittings? Are you (or the previous owners) some kind of bed-wetting communist?

Old NFO said...

LOL, been there went back and they DIDN'T have the fitting... Glad it worked out in the end!