January 11, 2012

Getting Paid to Get Dressed

Denver Police are suing to recover back-pay for the time spent getting dressed for work.

I'm honestly not sure what to make of this. On one hand, getting into a duty uniform for a patrol cop certainly involves more than just the typical "business-casual, pair of khakis and a polo shirt" attire that many other jobs consider appropriate. You've got to don a pair of BDU pants, a ballistic vest, a uniform shit, your duty belt (which includes firearm, holster, spare magazines, handcuffs, flashlight, Asp baton, radio, etc. etc. etc.) and all sorts of other "things" that are not, and cannot, be considered "routine" clothing.

Still, this should have NOT been any sort of surprise. It's entirely reasonable for me, as an employer, to ask my employees to arrive to work on time, dressed for work, ready to go. I don't see it as reasonable that I should be required to pay for them to get dressed for work. I don't get paid to get dressed for my job.

Consider me underwhelmed with the plight of the officers here. Sorry, my police/law enforcement readers, but I don't agree with the cops in this case.

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