December 14, 2011

You're not saying they were... "wrong", are you?

Ran into this article today:
Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of, a student loan advice site concerned with rising educational debt, tells Yahoo News that total student debt has increased five-fold between 2000 and 2011, (not counting inflation) and is nearing $1 trillion. This chart shows a much larger increase, with student debt increasing by a factor of 25 over the same period.
What I simply can't understand is the logic necessary to blame businesses because a student took out thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars in loans to finance their college degree.
What corporation forced you to sign for those loans? What corporation set the price of college degrees so high that you can't afford it without borrowing huge sums of money? What corporation told you to spend $50,000 on a degree from Whatsamatter U?

If the #OWS folks are really torqued about student loan debt (and they SHOULD be), then why don't they #Occupy_The_Dean's_Office and demand that the soaring costs of a college education be curtailed?

Or would that run against the narrative that "Academia = Good and Capitalism = Evil"?

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