December 3, 2011

TSA Ineptitude, Part I

Teen stopped by TSA for a purse that has a gun design.

This is really just pathetic. There is no argument -- NONE -- in support of the actions by the TSA goons. None.

This wasn't an item that could be used as a weapon, even with the most creative of minds.

This was a young woman's purse. Her PURSE. I have an old, spent 30-06 with a hole drilled through it on my key chain. I've never been stopped by TSA for it, nor told to remove it, nor questioned about it (well, OK, one guy did ask me "What's the significance of it that made you keep it?" once. That led to a discussion about hunting that might have been quite enjoyable, had I not a flight to catch.)

But a PURSE? It's long past time that the Thousands Standing Around be reined in a lot, or eliminated entirely.

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