December 29, 2011

The Rules Should Be Different For ME!!!

At least, that's the general tone I heard when I read this article in the Denver Post.
A Denver police officer fired for driving 88 mph above the speed limit while intoxicated has appealed his dismissal, arguing that the penalty is unfair and overly harsh.
While I can't seem to find a citation to back this up, a friend of mine who is a Law Enforcement Officer in Colorado mentioned that nearly 25% of first time DUI Offenders in Colorado will lose their job as a result of the charge, because the penalties of restricted driving make them incapable of performing their job duties. I wonder what makes this officer think he should be any different?
Derrick Curtis Saunders, who had previously been cleared of charges he pointed a gun at a McDonald's employee in 2009, was arrested for speeding and DUI by the Colorado State Patrol. He couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday
I think this presents a clear pattern of conduct unbecoming of a police officer.
Saunders was traveling 143 mph in a 55-mph zone on June 17, 2010, according to the order terminating him, issued by Manager of Safety Alex Martinez on Dec. 7.
143 in a 55 will land your ass in jail if you're not a cop. Bravo to Mr. Martinez for terminating Mr. Saunders. Also, good for the judge for giving Saunders some jail time. Although, the fine could have been higher, IMHO. Close friend of mine paid $1500 for her DUI fine.

This cop seems to think that he shouldn't be subjected to the same laws that he enforces. That's dangerous thinking for a police officer. If anything, he should be held to a HIGHER standard. And it seems that he was... I might not lose my job for a "143 in a 55 and DUI" arrest, but he damn sure should. And did. Good.

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