November 25, 2011

Scope advice

Fellow shooters:

I've a Remington 700 ADL in 30.06 that has an old 4x Weaver scope on it. Fixed magnification, pretty narrow field of vision. It works well enough for shooting out to, say, 200 yards (I've got it within 1/2 MOA) but it doesn't adjust easily and I'm looking for something... more. Thus, I beseech your suggestions. Primary use is hunting deer, elk, and the occasional Texas hog.

Do bear in mind the following conditions:

1. I'm not of a mind to shoot anything beyond 300 yards or so. I'm simply not that good of a shot (yet?)

2. I'm not possessed of a great deal of disposable income. I can scratch up a couple Ben Franklins for a good scope, but I don't have several hundred dollars laying around for a top of the line Leupold.

So, input welcomed and appreciated.

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