December 11, 2009

Good suggestions

In the event you find yourself in the back of an ambulance, here are some suggestions:

-No matter how many times you ask if you can drive, we won't let you.

-It's NOT ok to play with all the switches in the back.

-The phone mounted in the ambulance is not for you to use to call your friends and say "Hey, guess where I am right now!"

-Defibrillators hurt, even if it is just your leg, so don't make us mad.

-It is not necessary, as a bystander, to stand by the paramedics and yell, "Nothing to see here folks, move along!" as they are treating patients.

-It is unnecessary to use the phrases "10-4" and "Roger That" when talking in person to the paramedics.

-Paramedics do not think it's funny if you lie down in the gurney and zip yourself into a body bag. You won't think it's funny either when the zipper gets stuck.


WVmedicgirl said...

IDK JB, that last one might be entertaining....

TOTWTYTR said...

Grabbing your chest and pretending to have a heart attack isn't funny. It wasn't funny the first 1,000 times I saw some nitwit doing it, so 1,001 isn't going to make it funny.

Just saying.