September 5, 2009

For aspiring IT folks

There is more to creating a back up of a SQL Database than simply copying a bunch of .ldf and .mdf files.

That method of a "back up" will only ensure great pain, frustration, and difficulty for your software vendor's rep when he comes out to install a SQL based software program. It may even drive him to drink.

That is all.


PJ Geraghty said...

for most software vendor reps I know, that's already a short drive.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

And to speed the process of the vendor's alcohol issue, be sure to NOT unmount the database before copying. You wouldn't want to copy data that isn't fresh, would you? :-P

Jeff B said...

PJ: The length of the drive is irrelevant.

Razor: Quite right you are, sir.

BCFD36 said...

I happen to know from personal experience that both PJ and JB will drink with no provocation at all. Ok, it was a bit warm that evening.

PJ Geraghty said...

BCFD36: True, but the weather had nothing to do with it.