August 16, 2009

Whole Foods

Via Ann Althouse...

TMV has a guest post
up regarding the op-ed piece by Whole Food's CEO John Mackey in the WSJ this week.

In brief:

With a single op-ed in an uber conservative national newspaper, this wholesome image has been blown to bits. In the course of writing 1,165 words, CEO Mackey has caused more potential damage to the Whole Foods corporate image than an e-coli outbreak in the meat room.

In calling for support of the boycott of Whole Foods, I’m making an educated guess that their average customer is very politically progressive in nature. And that is why, if liberals and progressives quit shopping at Whole Foods, the impact would be quickly apparent to the company’s Board of Directors. By quickly, I mean by this coming Monday morning when the weekend receipts are tallied.

I am all for freedom of speech. Mr. Mackey had every right to express his views on health care in the WSJ, even as anathema as those views might be to progressives. Similarly, we progressives have every right to decide whether or not we want to spend our food dollars in a store whose CEO clearly doesn’t support the most important progressive cause of the moment.

So, if you are a Whole Foods shopper, please consider honoring the boycott, at least for a short period of time. The impact will be very evident, and almost immediate.

There are several factors and dynamics to this, and it's kinda fun to read. I'll ignore the knee-jerk reaction of liberals to automatically label anything or anyone that disagrees with them as "uber-conservative." I'm modestly surprised they didn't call Mr. Mackey a "neo-con."

TMV's piece does call Mackey's op-ed "anti-health care," which is indicative that Mr. Blair lacks reading comprehension... the entire op-ed was giving suggestions and examples of how we can improve and increase health care for all Americans.

Further, Whole Foods pays 100% of health insurance for employees that work more than 30 hours. This is significant, since most companies require that the employee pay at least part of their premiums. Second, Whole Foods also gives their employees $1800 in donations to their Health Savings Accounts.

Keeping that in mind, can you imagine the sweet irony should the boycott by these "progressive" voices causes Whole Foods to enact layoffs, thus removing the health care benefits of laid-off employees? Whole Foods does what the liberals want everyone to do: Provide "free" health care to their employees. They should be applauded for their acts. Instead, they're going to be boycotted because their CEO has the temerity to make suggestions other than "Tax the rich, and enact a single payer system."

If you've got a Whole Foods in your neck of the words, consider dropping in and spending a couple dollars. You can also drop an e-mail of support by clicking here.


Rogue Medic said...

But that kind of approach won't fit on a bumper sticker.

Jeff B said...

Bumper Stickers are good for simple thoughts. A more reasoned, rational approach generally requires more than four words.

TOTWTYTR said...

This reminds me of the downfall of Larry Summers when he was President of Harvard University. A guy with solid enough liberal credentials that he is now a top economic adviser to the President was hounded from office by feminists after he made an off the cuff remark about men maybe having more aptitude for math and science at certain levels.

Apparently, failing to hew to the liberal line in all matters risks being tossed out of the "we know more than you" club.