July 25, 2009


What the hell is it with parents today?

The woman that lives next door, very pleasant in most regards, has a 10 year old son. The dad is not in the kid's life much, not that that matters.

Now, get this: The kid WANTS to mow the lawn. He enjoys it. And he does a pretty decent job... I've had him mow the yard here, and for $10 he mows, sweeps the clippings from the walk, and puts the mower back in the shed. He will come over and ASK me "Do you need your yard mowed?" A budding business man, at 10 years old.

She, however, hires a lawn service to do her lawn, rather than let her kid mow it.

And her reasoning?

"I don't want him to think he's only good for manual labor. I would rather he spend his time reading, listening to different styles of music, and learning about the arts than doing menial physical labor."

*blink blink*

I mowed the lawn as a kid. It was not only encouraged, but EXPECTED. "You want dinner? Best get the lawn done, then." I didn't much care for it, and instead wanted to go play with my buddies Dean and Eddie, but what I wanted didn't factor into the equation.

Now, however, we've got warm/fuzzy feel-good loonies that don't want their children to learn anything that resembles a work ethic, and instead teach them it's more important to listen to Erykah Badu and look at "Starry Night."

Raising a generation of pansies, we are.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot., over?


normal said...

If it's any consolation...My 11yr old daughter was looking at the want ads and questioned why our paper company doesn't let kids do it anymore....(I guess they must be parents of pansy a**ed kids,too.)

Lisa said...

and everyone wonders why the future generations are what they are- hard work hasn't hurt me any and our kids are learning the value of earning what they want