March 26, 2009

An open letter

Dear Fellow Denizens of the Denver Metropolitan Area:

I understand the geography. Situated as we are, so close to the mountains, yet with a vast plains just east of us, we're in a "shadow" for weather. Weather fronts move across the high peaks, encountering the cold air and dropping their moisture -- in white, crystalline form -- "up in the High Country," while we enjoy pleasant temperatures, blue skies, and usually little more than a gust of wind during the winter.

Sure, we get a couple cold snaps, with nights of single digits and a hard dusting of snow, but that's winter for ya. However, our best kept secret is that winters in the Denver area are actually quite nice.

Why, just four days ago, it was 70 degrees and sunny, and many of us (myself included) celebrated by climbing in shorts and t-shirts, or played a round of golf, or took the bikes to the trails, or just walked in the park with our dog and lobbed a tennis ball around so Fido could play "Fetch." We were more concerned about sunburn than frost bite. Why, some of us even managed to break a sweat.

But not today. Today, it's snowing. Rather heavily, truth be told. Falling at a rate of 2-3 inches an hour, we've already gotten well over a foot since midnight, and it shows no sign of stopping.

This should come as no surprise. Every TV station, radio station, and weather website has been telling us it was coming since Tuesday. We live about a mile above sea level, and 39° 43'North latitude. It snows here. Every year.

So, with that in mind, I beseech thee:




Epijunky said...

I moved to Colorado Springs in mid May. The weather was a gorgeous 80 degrees or so... Two days later we had six inches of snow fall.

Rogue Medic said...

We need two separate road systems. One for people who cannot drive. The other for people who can. License revocation for overstating one's abilities.

With the continually obstructed traffic on the bunny slope road, the fatality rate should be much lower than it is now.

Just one of my suggestions for what they could do with the stimulus package.