February 10, 2009

Koala video

If you haven't see this, it is just awesome. I damn near cried.

Whoever that bloke is, good for him. Good for him indeed.

If you haven't been following the world news (because the American Lame Stream Media hasn't shown much of it), Victoria, Australia, is in flames. HUGE fire, thousands of acres burned, 166 dead, hundreds of homes lost.

There are some pictures on the Boston.com website, and Google Maps has locations of all the fires.

Finally, while I know times are tight for all, see about scraping a couple extra dollars together (skip Starbucks for a week and drink Folgers... or switch from Deschutte's Brewing Company and buy some Pabst Blue Ribbon) and send it down under. The Australian Red Cross website is one place to donate.

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~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Have only just discovered your blog, so now I'm reading back through your archives.
The Black Saturday Bushfires came within 1km of our house. We were incredibly lucky that night. Even though it was a terrifying night, we didn't lose our house and we didn't lose our lives, unlike so many other Victorians.
Good on you, for raising awareness of the issue. Thanks for the thought. You rock, mate :-)