February 8, 2009

A few random things

Sitting in DIA, Terminal B, waiting on a flight to Dallas for a week of work, and have a couple minutes to let y'all know about a few things:

1. Made some tweaks to the Varied Reading links... Of Mule Dung and Ash has been added. WhiteCoat has been switched to EP Monthly/Whitecoat, and, since she stopped blogging a few weeks ago (*sniff sniff*) I removed Monkey Girl.

2. Here's a hint to United Airlines: When you have over a hundred people standing in line to check in, you should probably put another person or two at the check-in counter.

3. I don't care if you have a sleek, sexy, athletic body with a taut rump and perky gazoombas... wearing Uugs and blue jeans makes you look stupid.

4. I was born to live in a vertical world, I think. I learned to ski at age 14, and have been skiing black diamond routes ever since. I can climb sheer faces of rock, holding on with little more than my finger tips, standing on edes the width of a nickle. I'll stroll up a frozen waterfall, a hundred feet off the ground, and be at total peace with my abilities. Apparently, however, I can NOT walk on a flat sidewalk at night: Attempting to do so will result in a twisted my right ankle.

1 comment:

Rogue Medic said...

1. Of Mule Dung and Ash is a good blog.

Monkey Girl is just in a blog 12 step program. We know it won't work. She'll be back.

3. I did't get the impression that you were scanning the airport for geniuses. It would be nice if the hardware matched the software, but it is easier to get away with fashion mistakes if one is generally ignored. :-)

4. I hope you recover quickly.