February 14, 2009

Are you ready?

Ambulance Driver has a nice blip about being prepared to "bug out," which reminded me of this similar thing I did a while back.

There's also a great deal of interesting related information, via podcasts, here.

It really comes down to one fundamental truth: Nobody is going to take care of you and your family except you. Learn to be self-sufficient, learn to make it on your own, learn to live without having to rely on the gubbermint to provide things to you.

This is not to say that folks should not come together as a community: One of the more inspiring moments in my life came while I was living in Atlanta. We'd had a pretty nasty storm come through -- leftovers from some hurricane or another -- and there were trees down everywhere, sheds blown over, debris strewn here and there... you get the picture. The next day, when things had calmed down and the sky cleared, ordinary people in the neighborhood did an extraordinary thing: they helped each other. Some guys brought their trucks and tow chains, a few others brought chain saws, and they set about cutting and removing trees. One family sent their two teenage sons out with axes to split the newly cut logs, and firewood was divided up. Others showed up with shovels, some brought sledgehammers, and yet others simply brought a pair of work gloves and a willingness to help.

This community did not wait for the county, state, or federal government to come do the work. That would have meant waiting for a needs assessment, then a request form to be sent, then the request form would need to be verified, then a budget office would have to allocate funds to various companies after they submitted a bid to do the work, and only after final approval from the Congressional Office of Procrastination would any work actually begin. No, instead it was a community of people, who had foresight to be prepared, taking care of themselves.

Are you one of those people? Are YOU ready, if the need arises, to take care of yourself and family? Are you sure?

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