January 20, 2009


Mister President:

Congratulations. You have made your mark on American history. You've done what no other man in any modern country has done... won the Presidency as a man of color.

I didn't vote for you. I don't agree with the majority of your policy views. I fear we are in for four long years that will not improve our country at all.

To be fair, you've been handed a shit sandwich and a jar of dijon mustard, and have been instructed to make it into something we can swallow. I don't envy you your job. But it wasn't going to be easy, you knew that going in, and ran anyway. Thus, you can't expect that dog to hunt.

I didn't vote for you. But you won, fair and square, and you will be my President for the next 4 years. When you do well, I shall support you. I will tell people "Yeah, Obama did alright on this... good for him." When you are wrong, I shall disagree with you, both through spoken word and written.

I shall not use the tactics employed by the political left over the past 8 years... I shall not make up insulting names for you, I shall not blame every ill of the world on you, and I shall not demand that you be impeached every time you do something I don't like. I will be better to you than your people were to George Bush.

Govern wisely, Mister Obama. I'll be watching.

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Rogue Medic said...

Almost as if you were acting as the Founding Fathers intended. Not that they were always good examples.