January 15, 2009

Busy week

Got home from Ouray on Sunday afternoon, around 4pm or so. Had just enough time to shower, do some laundry, eat supper, and down a bottle of beer before going to bed.

Monday, up at 0300 to catch a flight at 0600 to Traverse City, Michigan. Getting here was an adventure itself, given a 5 hour delay in Chicago and an hour waiting on a cab at the Traverse City International Airport and Tire Repair Center.

Been a busy couple days. Usual computer glitches and stuff during the first day, and dealing with some unique situations the past two.

It's been bitter cold, with single digit temps, and blowing snow all week. The sun managed to come out for an hour or so today, but otherwise it's been cold and gray.

Home on Saturday afternoon, then off again Monday for Ventura, California. It better be warm there, or I'm going to blame George Bush and Global Warming.

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