December 20, 2008

Musings on Travel

Some random thoughts on travel in general, having spent the past two weeks (save for three nights) on the road, in a plane, or in a hotel:

  • Do not ever assume that the afternoon flight from LAX to Denver on United is going to be on time. Yesterday's flight, for example, was an hour late getting TO Los Angeles. Naturally, this resulted in another plane being at the gate instead, so my plane had to wait. Then, by the miracle that is modern technology, the cabin PA "phone" (what the flight attendant uses to remind you that "although the bag may not inflate, oxygen is flowing") breaks. Seriously. It worked when the plane left SFO, and presumably worked on landing/taxi at LAX, but now it DOESN'T work at the gate. 35 minutes to get a new one. Now we're late getting into DIA. Which, of course, means that we have to wait to find an open gate that is big enough. Amazing. Got home at 10pm, rather than 7pm. Same as last week.
  • There is no shower nozzle anywhere in the world that feels the same as YOUR shower nozzle at home.
  • Ditto for hotel pillows.
  • People have forgotten the original concept of "carry-on" luggage. Time was you had a small bag that held a pair of socks, pair of underwear, a fresh shirt, your toothbrush, a paperback, and perhaps a sandwich or a piece of fruit. Now, people are trying to bring a week's worth of luggage on with them. Yes, checking luggage is a pain. Too bad.
  • The TSA people are a joke. The first week, I did my usual routine: Throw my clothes in the suitcase, and put a paperback, my phone charger, and my wallet in my laptop bag with the usual stuff that resides in my laptop bag. Like my Swiss Army Knife. Ooops. I totally spaced that it was in there. Until I managed to get it past security at Denver AND at San Luis Obispo on the return. Noticed it last week Friday, when I got home: "Oh, shit... that was in my carry on the whole time! Wait.... why the hell didn't TSA notice it?" Granted, it's a small pocket knife, and if someone were to try to use it to take control of the plane, the other passengers would subdue said person without any trouble.... once they got done laughing at the absurdity of trying to take over a plane with a 1 inch dull knife. But still... When my pocket knife gets through twice, but my contact lens solution is pulled because it's 4.5 ounces instead of the acceptable 3 ounces, then the TSA is a joke.
  • One quickly gets tired of restaurant food.
  • It doesn't matter if you've been gone five days or five hours: Your dog is still happy to see you. And dog kisses rock.


Melissa B. said...

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PJ Geraghty said...

I don't usually mind hotel pillows, but hotel showers almost always suck. I've considered traveling with my own shower head, but I always worried about what the TSA would say. Now that I know they don't care, though...

Rogue Medic said...

PJ Geraghty,

You do realize that the next wave of terroristic innovation will be the use of high powered shower heads to take over hotel rooms. The extra water flow will damage the foundation of the building. The building will implode.

Only the TSA has the ability to save us.