December 13, 2008

From the Captain Obvious Files

Via Xavier's Thoughts, comes this bit of news:

Dogs appear to experience a range of complex, unpleasant emotions such as jealousy and pride, scientists have discovered.

Uh, yeah. And this is news to dog owners.... how, exactly?


Scientists noted that dogs hate to see their owners being affectionate to other dogs and can suffer if a new baby or partner arrives on the scene.

To test the theory, Friederike Range and colleagues at the University of Vienna in Austria asked 33 trained dogs to extend a paw to a human.

The animals performed the trick virtually all of the time whether they were given a reward or not -- when alone or with another dog.

But the dogs' enthusiasm waned when they saw other dogs being rewarded but received nothing themselves.

All those PhDs, and not a lick of common sense among them.

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Dreamer said...

Yeah, I remember growing up as kid and scientist proclaiming dogs didn't have feelings. Which of course is totally ridiculous for anyone that has ever lived with a dog. As obvious as it is, at least they're finally making the right observations.