November 21, 2008

Ups and downs

So the new job started this week, and I've learned a lot about computers, databases, servers, and so forth. More yet to learn, but it's been fun so far. A definite plus.

I also learned that Bank of America has absolutely no branches in the greater Denver area. Got paid for a couple last classes I taught in Phoenix, and I had to MAIL the checks to the BoA office in Tempe to have them deposited. A certain negative.

However, while walking out of the post office after mailing said checks, I spotted a Broad Winged Hawk sitting in a tree. Double plus.

I managed to unbox most of my things, and found a place to put them. A plus.

Tomorrow, it'll be a chili cook in the back yard, cold beers, and college football. Triple plus.

I have had worse weeks.


Josh said...

I had to switch from my old bank when I moved out here from NJ because they had no branches. It's amazing -- no checks when you can deposit them, then its like a torrent of them when you can't.

Take it easy, keep fighting the good fight.

Tempe Happy Hours

Epijunky said...

More pluses than minuses... Sounds like a good week to me :)

OSU plays UM tomorrow. I'm boycotting it :)

Have a good weekend JB, and thanks for your help this week... I passed that test.

Anonymous said...

Direct deposit and online banking.

SmartMoney, Dec. 2008, p. 40.

Glad to know that it's been fun so far.

My condolences to the Spartans, who will end their regular season with their 8th loss in a row in Beaver Stadium.

Jeff B said...

Steve: Yeah, direct deposit is in place. First paycheck is always a hard copy one, though. Thus, my dilema.

Epi: Glad to hear you passed. Didn't I tell you ECGs were easy? If *I* can read them...

Anonymous said...

Next time you move and take a new job, I'll help you out with that first paycheck...