October 11, 2008


I'm not much for "What he said" posts, but this stuck a chord with me.

If this country is going to get out of the financial mess that we're in, this shit has got to stop. Corporate welfare is nothing compared to handouts to people who don't want to work. Don't even start me on aid to foreign countries that hate us.

Please, spare me the stories of the people who really need this. I know they exist, but more and more I see that they are the minority, not the majority.

To which, I can only say "Ah-yup."

If I were the Benevolent Supreme Lord and Ruler of the USA, I'd push HARD for a serious reform to the Welfare system: You get capped at two children (unless you, by some freak accident, birth triplets.) You get 50% more money for those two, and for yourself.

And there's a maximum three year limit. That's it. 36 months. No more, and exceptions would be EXTREMELY rare (birth defect, serious diseases, etc. No, "ADHD" doesn't count: That's a bullshit diagnosis. When I was a kid, ADHD was called "boredom" and the kid was given things to challenge him, not pills to "treat" him.)

Three years is plenty of time for a single, working parent to get an education in a vocational program, Associate's Degree from a community college, or other advanced skill. People will, as a general rule, not work if they don't have to. And if they have to, they'll either find a way to succeed, or they'll fail. Either way, society is better off. You've heard the old adage about giving a man a fish and teaching a man how to fish? Same thing here.

Yes, it's harsh. Don't like it? Too bad.


Anonymous said...

I just felt a thrill go up my leg, and I'm no Chris Matthews.

TOTWTYTR said...

You are pretty much right on about ADHD. It didn't exist when I was a kid, but I would have been diagnosed with it if had.

I was just one of those kids who blew through the text books and then sat there with a bored look on my face. Unfortunately I wasn't one of those people who breezed through tests based on what I read.

If I had been challenged in school, I'd have done a lot better. My son had the same problem and it wasn't until he got to college that he had anything academically that challenged him. Then he excelled.

As to the rest, I'd not pay any additional amount for any kids. As I recall when Mrs. TOTWTYTR and I had the son come along, I didn't automatically get a raise from my employer. Nor did that happen when my daughter was born. No, we just had to suck it up and do more with less. Truth is, we did less with less. Less going out to eat, less going to the movies, no vacations for several years.

The rest I agree with, although at my crankiest I say scrap the entire system except for those disabled to the point where they can't work.