October 16, 2008

More needless deaths

Chicago suburbs:

Four people died when a medical evacuation helicopter struck a radio tower late Wednesday and crashed in a Chicago suburb, police said.

The victims included three adults and a one-year-old patient, who was being transported to Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital from Valley West Hospital in Sandwich, NBC affiliate WMAQ reported.

It ain't going to end until the rampant abuse of HEMS is cut back. That starts with the sending agencies (ground EMS, hospitals,) making better decisions. Unfortunately, that ain't likely.

14 crashes, 28 deaths in the past 12 months.

9 crashes, 22 dead in 2008.

There are two and a half more months to go.


If we try really hard, we might be able to break 30.


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Rogue Medic said...

I thought the numbers Dr. Bledsoe quoted were only for 2008, since he wrote, "13 crashes, 24 dead, 9 injured. The year is just ¾ over." He wrote that right after the MSP crash. If it referred to the past 12 months, the year being 3/4 over would be irrelevant. I have been trying to come up with accurate numbers and finding that it is nowhere near as easy as it should be.

3 days ago there was an Arizona DPS paramedic killed when the rotor hit him. not exactly a crash, but a HEMS fatality. An article gives some details of the nature of his death.