September 7, 2008

Five Science Experiments

that are most likely to end the world:

Scientists are kind of pissed that they weren't around when the Big Bang happened. Here we had an event that holds all of the secrets to reality, and we missed it because we were lazy enough not to evolve for another 13 billion years.

The solution, science says, is to make it happen again. They assure us that they can stage a new Big Bang if they smash some protons together really, really fucking hard. In fact, they can make a million of them per second, which is 999,999 more than God managed.

. . .

Imagine you have a huge tanker truck parked outside a children's hospital. You don't know what's inside it, but you're fairly confident that it's either a cure for cancer, or 20,000 gallons of explosive nitroglycerin. To find out which, you have to shoot at it with an AK-47.
That's GOLD, Jerry. Pure gold!

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Rogue Medic said...

I'm going to have to spend some time wandering around that site. It is very entertaining.

Of course, he left out the most likely doom scenario - when computers are smart enough to do away with us, because they no longer need us. This has been covered so many times, it might just seem obvious. The fear motivated Ted Kaczynski.