July 14, 2008

Vacation Update, Part 3

Damn this rain!

Currently in Zermatt, Switzerland. It's still raining.

Has been raining for three days now. Steady, near-constant rain. Just enough rain to make climbing a bit more dangerous than I'm willing to endure.

We left Chamonix on Sunday morning, and took a leisurely drive to here, crossing into Switzerland around noon. Stopped at a road side stand to purchase some local, fresh apricots, then on to the town of Tesch. From there, we had to take a train to Zermatt, as cars are not allowed in this town. There are some electric powered taxis, and a couple horse/buggy outfits to get you around, but mostly it's foot power. Walking.

In the rain.

Things are really expensive here, too. More than the rest of Europe, even. Dinner was a salad, a grilled chicken dish, some rice on the side, and one beer. Came to about 60 CHF (Swiss francs, about a 1:1 conversion to the dollar.) Holy s**t. Later, we hit up a local pub, drank a few beers, and met two really fun (and cute!!) German girls. We talked with them until about 1:30 am, when the barkeep kicked us out for closing time.

Today, we're going to take the trail to the Hornli hut, and stay there. It's the jumping off point for the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn. Weather is supposed to break tomorrow or Wednesday, or so says the internet weather search. Maybe, just maybe, we can salvage another climb out of this climbing trip.

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Ben said...

I envy your vacation. Have an awesome time! :)